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My name is Caio Laundos.

I'm an VFX Artist based on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I love art, specially visual effects and animation, since i was a kid when i did a lot of funny and creative visual effects in videos with my brother and friends.

Today, create stunning and pleasable visual effects is my life.

My main software is Houdini, where i can create without any limitations and explore new possibilities everyday. I am a Houdini instructor as well, posting tutorials on my Youtube Channel.

I already worked for some great companies as Nike, Amazon, Listerine,  Tiger, Roland Garros and more. Also i had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing studios as Lightfarm, Vetor Zero, Stereo Creative, Shapes + Forms and Miagui.

In my free time i like to play football, make tattoos, travel to new places, illustrate, walk with my crazy wolf/dog/bear named Zuko and read my fiction books. Always trying to live life as peaceful as possible.

Feel free to get in touch, contacts info are below.




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